TBS Team 24 is an internationally based assistance company with network coverage of Europe for road-side assistance, and for other assistance business lines (medical assistance) we cover all regions of the World. TBS Team 24 has now after almost two decades of its activity gained the reputation of a highly competent and reliable business partner for all national and international clients.

TBS Team 24 was established in 1996 in Maribor, Slovenia. From the start on assistance business within a 24 hour call center was the major primary focus of the company.

The company started its services with technical assistance for commercial vehicles. In the following years we have expanded our services to technical assistance of personal vehicles, motorcycles and to medical and home assistance.

As nowadays the interest for cycling rises, be it as a leisure activity or as a means of transport, we have decided to expand our services for those that choose to cycle.

TBS Team 24 has developed a new mobility- product; we offer a custom-made assistance service for bicycles and electric bikes for bicycle manufacturers and importers. The product was developed to assist cyclists in case of an accident, mechanical problem or a puncture while on the road and in order to help them organize the suiting help they need.

They can now be care free while on the road, knowing that beside the on-site road assistance they can also be transported with their bike to the nearest TBS-bike-service, emergency station, licensed bicycle dealer or to their home or vacation address.

We can offer you the following services:
Bicycle info hotline 24/7 in all European languages.

Information about:
- Charging- and exchange-stations for E-Bikes
- Bike rental services
- Repair shops
- Secured parking places
- Vending machines for bicycle tires
- Bicycle trails and bike-tours
- Accommodation and food services
- Transport for bicycles
- Diverse information for cyclists

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